Final Reflection

Prior to beginning this course I thought I was doing well in keeping up to date with media, technology and the latest apps, however, I have come to realize upon completing this assessment task I still have a lot to learn and discover.  I have learnt that the digital world, in which we live, is here to stay and is constantly changing so as a future educator I need to explore further and update my technological skills. White (2013) believes that in this digital age a range of new skills is required in order to keep up with the change. Through the creation of these summations I have discovered new tools that can definitely be beneficial within a classroom setting.  I have learnt how to create a blog through WordPress, create audible animations through Voki and make interesting presentations through Prezi.

Through creating these different types of summations I was forced out of my comfort zone of writing or using a power point in order to convey a message, I was able to experience a wider range of technology and through exploration I have found a new confidence in using different digital tools. These different tools have informed my understanding of teaching and learning in a digital world, I learnt how to problem solve, organise and construct new tools in order to share information and communicate my ideas through a digital tool.  Holland (2013) believes that if students experience these same lessons like problem solving and communicating ideas through digital tools, then their technology fluency will develop and it will help in preparing them to becoming digital learners.  Digital technology also allows students an opportunity to become creative, use their imagination and ‘think outside the box’.

Additional Inclusion

While I am a promoter in the importance of updating technology skills and bringing more digital tools into the classroom, I also believe that ‘unplugging’ from the digital world even for a short time can have benefits also. For further information and reasons on why to unplug see ‘7 Important Reasons to Unplug and Find Space’ HERE.


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